I get a little antzy about things improving globally.


Is that strange?  And if it is: why is it strange?

I don’t feel strange saying it.  I feel strange being around people who DON’t feel/think that way.


I mean, if we all aren’t getting a little antzy about the state of affairs when it comes to how we treat each other, the environment around us, the creatures around us, and how we all interact and intertwine, well, I find that MORE strange actually.


If something minor happened: like the power going out in an entire large city for 40 days…we, the socially accepted collective thought process, would consider that a CATASTROPHY….ahhhh! end of world type shit…right?

So, what if something major happened, like a contaminated world-water source, air source, ground source (ie polluted ground soil, radiated oceans/seas, or a world-wide volcanic chain reaction that filled our airspace with ash and smoke for decades which blocks out our sun and makes it practically impossible to breathe outside without some sort of breathing machine/built-in air purifier)…what would we all do then?

How would we be able to work together to solve the problems and save all the plant, human and animal species if we can’t seem to agree to disagree on trivial things like social customs and what we do to our own bodies?

How can a muslim, jew, christian, buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and atheist get together, build a bio-dome and self-sustain with their families for decades?

How can a member from each culture and/or race and gender figure out how to contain outbreaks, clean up pollution, or just purify water or cook a fucking meal together if we are all still arguing about who has more money, who is in more control and who owns more land?

Will it really matter what brand of make up or what type of music someone listens to when 7 billion people on the planet that require the basics to live are not getting those needs met?

chances are, no.  None of that shit will matter.

What will matter is the ability for each of us to get along.

What will matter is the ability of each one of us to communicate and compromise and lend a helping hand.

What will matter is food, water, shelter, safety and the ability to sustain oneself and one’s own community.

So, if, as a culture/race/species we are focused on who runs what land, and who married who, and what taxes go where, what someone else is buying/eating/drinking/smoking/doing and what T.V. show is playing at what time…well, there are a lot of human beings that are going to perish due to a lack of ability to adapt and learn and work well with others.

We are all being “sold a left-handed fable fitzer” when most of us really need a nail and a fucking hammer to patch this world up…and one basic and brilliant fucking plan.  We don’t need a cool distracting gadget, we need to put our heads together and humbly give AND accept help, advice and perspectives other than just our own.


So yeah…I am a little antzy.

It is one thing to not know your shoes are untied, start running, trip and eat shit…then get back up, tie your shoe and keep running.

It is quite another thing to know full well your laces are untied, go running, trip and eat shit…bitch about the trail while you get up and start running, again without tying your fucking shoe laces first.

It isn’t the trail that is the problem…the road is the road.  Our unwillingness and lack of ability to be prepared and learn from our mistakes would be the problem.

In short:

I hope we can all learn to tie our proverbial “shoe laces” before we all trip (and lack the ability to get back up).


Nighty night 🙂



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