The “religion” excuse

Sarcasm abounds:


Well I am Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Scientologist, buddhist, Atheist (obviously not a religion, but not without their own group zealots)  etc. so I am allowed to judge you for doing things differently than me…I have somehow been appointed by my higher power as the sole soul judger and so when I call you queer or a baby killer or I make references of you being in association with the devil because I don’t do the particular “sin” that you do (at that moment) or exactly the way you do…well, that somehow makes me better than you.  I know better than you do because I made sure to use the exact word-definitions and intended connotations  that were intended by my spiritual leader/favored philosopher.

Judging you takes the focus off me.  And the truth of the matter is, I do not feel worthy.  I preach what I need to learn the most, and I hate in you what I seem to dislike in myself more.


When I think of how miserable the people who nit pick (and/or fuck with other people all the time over meaningless bullshit) must be…I feel pity for them more than I feel anger or hatred.  To me, that is worse.





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