Big Case Today: 10.19.2012



Yeah, this is the guy Butch I keep talking about.  If he wins, then we all win in terms of being able to set up businesses.

If he loses…they are going to take it as far up the judicial ‘food chain’ as is necessary.  Because if they lose and they DON’T take it up the court system’s ‘ladder’, then no one will be able to open.
It is sort of a racket.  The state sells the rights to ‘care take’ (provide MJ for other patients), consume and possess marijuana, and then when they get that account filled with millions of dollars, they start acting like pirates (in the sense that they are legal thugs stealing from the very people they swore protection/rights and services to).
Taking from your citizens on the front and back end, especially from people who are dying of cancer, AIDs and/or have other life-debilitating issues is wrong on so many levels.
The messed up part is that a lot of these people who are making these unscrupulous decisions are self-professed “religious people”.  In no religious text or verbal parable have I ever heard that this sort of behavior is acceptable and just.  In fact, most (if not all) religious, philosophical and cultural groups have some form of the Golden Rule as the main point.
There is no “treating others they way you want to be treated” in this scenario.
They did this in Cali. too. Took peoples land, resources, money, medicine, fined people, left a number of people in bankruptcy or destitute.
This is apparently the “American Way”
I don’t see the state or the federal government doing any of this sort of behavior with other types of drug users.  I don’t see them asking anyone who wants to buy alcohol or Prozac or zanex to provide their medical records to the public.
Butch and his girlfriend are really awesome people.  They are trying to set up their dispensary in a senior dominated area so that the elderly do not have to travel so far for their marijuana.  I went to their fundraiser on Wednesday night and donated 25 bucks…it was all I had to give.
So yeah…big case today.

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