Let us solve a problem…together.

I just typed this whole awesome blog about education and it deleted.

So, here is my second try at this.  I will make it shorter this time around:

Children deserve to have one-on-one attention at least sometimes…

Helps them get the “break-down” on how something works.

Preferably when they need it the most.

The rest of the time, independent book/check-sheet study is perfectly acceptable.

Teachers aren’t nearly as stressed out under this model…and they get to do what they love: actually teach.  Also, the kids don’t get bored (except when they have a “barrier to study”-Study Technology term) and when they do, the instructor will have the time and ability to give that child the time they need to spot it and move forward.  Everyone is learning and growing at this pace.

The other way (the way we currently do things) is stressful for everyone and not productive.  It is also not a very healthy environment or safe for that matter.  Can anyone argue with that?

*I tutored yesterday @ St. M’s for their weekend study session.  It is normally taught by one woman.  The day I was there with two of my family members, there were 5 kids all at different levels.  The head tutor said normally it is 8 children or above…they show up early, some leave late.  She does this for 2 hours on Saturdays.  So, with the added help of three women, she tackled two students on math, and each of us visiting tutors helped one reading student each.  I worked with a 6th grader with a 1st grade reading level (and less than that in some areas).

This is a societal problem.

If OUR system in the schools were better, OUR kids would be learning more efficiently and they would be happier and more well-rounded.

Follow my train of though here, I have a point:

If our (speaking from an adult, worker perspective now) employers were not working us ridiculous hours for ridiculous pay, having us do a lot of stupid shit mostly, when it could be streamlined for efficiency if employers were willing to pay people more money for less hours worked (I know I am dreaming here, don’t burst my bubble for half a second)….(breathe for the rest of the run-on sentence)…thennnnnn, maybe we could spend more time with our children if we have any, or volunteer at schools tutoring (if we don’t have children but want to help). So we could, as a society, pitch in a helping hand and stop this bull-shit cycle of ignorance to vocational slavery…if we all could agree on the fact that what we are doing right now isn’t working.

Does anyone else have a better solution?

I will post an ideal example from my perspective in a future blog.

I have been to a few schools growing up, all with their own pluses and minuses.  So, I will speak from that and use them as my reference points.  I can only speak from what I know and what I feel…the rest is on you, the reader, to add from your perspective.



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