me (plus…add a little purpose)

Lots of things to think about.


I can’t stop thinking about tutoring.  Ever since fellow blogger beauty asked me to read her page on education and comment…I have been thinking about it even more than I already usually do.


This wont be an easy task.  Nothing worth while was ever really easy…or popular (if it were popular already, most everyone would already be doing it).  

I am of the conclusion, that if I am still out and about, alive and well and with a passion that would benefit then I need to be productive in that manner.


I can sit here and talk about it till I am blue in the face, but until I actually get up and do it: I am just talk.


My Goals: (gonna be accountable here)

save some dough (cash)

Change vocation (get a new job)

get a visa

Travel for a month

apply for an international job 

Eventually, get a piece of property out in the mountains with water…learn how to self-sustain and maybe set up an educational/work center.


I have a few ideas.  I think it could be fun and helpful to others.  After my travels, we shall see how I feel about it.

Nothing’s ever written in stone (at least not these days…lol…stupid joke…ok…ha)

Back to my ideas and why I feel so good about them:


actually…I gotta get ready for work….have an awesome day and I wish you lots of personal revelations, love and all that jazz….I think I will keep my ideas to myself for a bit 😉


-me (add purpose)


edit this later.



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