Re: Quitting

An e-mail response to my boss (who is also my uncle) touching over reasons why I quit:





You have every right to think, be, say, do whatever it is you want to.

You have every right to ask what it is I “do all day” knowing full well how much I did.  Knowing full well that my work for you didn’t stop at the office (cleaning out cupboards and closets and drawers throughout the villa).

you have every right to talk poorly about me behind my back and think it wont get back to me.

you have every right to have my sister move all of my things without so much as even saying a word to me about it (I am sure this is how you like to be treated.  I am sure you would love to have someone move all of your life’s belongings and not say a word to you about it).

you have every right to want to pay someone (me) salary that averages out to less than minimum wage after overtime worked and then write notes about being “late” (salaried employees are not “late”…ask S who is a salaried employee and does not show up at 8am and leaves before 5pm…a man who has your ear when it comes to office politics, a man who slanders you and your employees on a daily basis.  Or L, who tells you I am thinking about suing you…among other slanderous remarks I am quite sure) and THEN ask your executive assistant (who is up to her eye balls in enough work for four people) to check on when I arrive and leave and what I do all day like I have done something to warrant such haphazard micro-managing.

you have every right to forget all the things that I did do for you and focus on the assumed cycles of action that I supposedly “didn’t do all day”.

you have every right to believe that ‘paying someone less than what they are worth and then threatening to cut their pay when they cannot afford to even keep their own car based on those wages’ is okay.

you have every right to cut jobs, throw extra cycles of action on your other workers, burn them out, and then wonder why the people in your office are unhealthy and unhappy.

You have every right to tell me that you are trying to help me get on my feet, all the while telling me: what a financial burden it is for you to pay me, how you don’t have any money in the company when you drop hundreds of dollars on lunch each day and spend double on ONE basketball season seat than you would for an entire year of salary for me.  You also have the right to waste thousands of dollars to switch your medical appointments and plane tickets on a regular basis due to your own poor planning and time management skills; you have every right to say and do all of this.


I do not feel comfortable working for a man who says he has my best interest at heart who clearly seems to only be looking out for his own.

I find it interesting how you say I need to go to church and this family pushes church so much…but when your own church preaches about the golden rule, it holds no weight in your heart.

This is not an emotional e-mail.  It is what it is.

I love you very much uncle m.

You are so busy focusing on one tree needing to be trimmed to a nub, when that is the only tree NOT engulfed in the proverbial flames.  Take that analogy how you’d like.

I came to work for you because I wanted to save some money up and get a little direction.  I also was told I could help you with all the Pat Allen stuff I learned and help you get cleaned up and organized while I worked on doing those things for myself too.

When you told me you did not want me to have the ability to save money so that I could ACTUALLY get my feet up off the ground and that you thought I could make a good professional secretary (insinuating that I lacked the ability to advance in any other manner), I knew at that moment your intentions were not in my best interest.

Telling your niece, who has nothing to fall back on (who was just recently in a very suppressive and controlling relationship), that you do not want her to make enough money so that she can start saving up to take care of herself and eventually get her own place, etc. is the exact opposite of what I would do in your shoes.

It isn’t good or bad.  It just is what it is.

I understand now why Papa was so disappointed and stressed out.

You are going to do, say and act how you want to.  You might even tell L to kick me out of Nana’s, which is a bridge I am prepared to cross (I do not put anything past this family anymore…an unfortunate reality I have learned to face).

I will not, however, be out-integrity (lacking in personal integrity) and say things that are not true to the best of my knowledge or continue a vocation where appreciation and mutual respect is lacking.

I am a good, hard working, generally positive, innovative team player.  I give respect and I am deserving of respect.

You, S and L got what you wanted: me to quit.

It is okay though: This situation is just going to make me stronger and better and remind me how not to treat people who eventually may find themselves working with me and my future company (whatever that may end up being) one day.

I have great ideas.  I have lots to contribute.  I belong somewhere where that is appreciated and encouraged.

Thank you for the opportunity and I appreciate your letter.



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