Fortune Cookies

“If the world seems cold, kindle a fire to warm it” -Fortune Cookie

on the back:

LEARN Chinese Zodiac-Dog

(gou) *there is a bowl shaped “u” over the “o”

Lucky Numbers 5, 41, 55, 11, 4, 9


“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”-Fortune Cookie

LEARN Chinese – Watermelon

(gua) *with a “-” over the “a”

Lucky Numbers 12, 24, 31, 10, 47, 15



I got those fortune’s in fortune cookies.  My nana opened the first one, gave me her fortune (not sure if that is possible…gifting a fortune…but anyway:)

and the second one, was my  picked fortune.

I’ve decided not to judge it.


Comment if you what and tell me what you think they mean to you 🙂





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