Third times the charm

So, figured I would write three blogs then go pass the fuck out.  I have another productive awesome day tomorrow.


I am going to spend some time with my grandmother and get some things done.


So, what has been happening with me since I quit my cubbie job?


Went to cali, helped my fam., went to dego and had a productive fun week with my close gal pal, hitched a ride back to zonieland and now to start the job search 🙂 Bar-tending school starts beginning of dec. and job placement doesn’t hurt…I also have a few projects on the side I am working on…gotta hustle to make some cash…whatever that means to you.


Not sure what my life has in store for me at this moment…it could go a number of totally different ways.

I know I want to travel.  I know where and when and with who on one of those adventures.  And the other adventures? Still in mental “sketch” form.


I miss cali.  The desert is fine for finding yourself and all that, but once you get your shit together, there are other, more aesthetically pleasing locations to spend time…like the ocean…or the mountains in the snow, etc.



Okay, love you all.  Have a wonderfully restful night (or a happy and productive daytime depending on where you are in the world) and I will meet you back here in internet world tomorrow…or the next day…I am not sure yet…but I will be back eventually to write a little more for yah.


Sweet dreams kids.




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