Woah. Steven Pressfield: right, yet again sir.

Okay…So, I went to my other blog site to work.  I ended up editing and adding to the first three I posted and beginning a new blog.

I realized, I have momentum on my Uncomfortable2Change blog site, and I would be self-sabotaging if I focused my attention else where.


Mr. Pressfield,

You are right in your thinking sir.  Yet again.  Resistance is totally insidious, it can come in the form of your grandmother trying to convince you to work on your other blog (with good intention).

Resistance takes no prisoners aiming at my jugular.

I did wake up to work, so I am doing good with that.  I do not feel inspired.  I am sitting on my patio, early in the mornings, to work…and enjoy the sun rise with tea regardless of inspiration as instructed per your book.

I am slowly adapting a few of your ideas here and there.

I noticed today the resistance seeping in on a number of levels.

But, here I am…writing. And by golly, the ideas are flowing and I am looking forward to the next few I get to write. 🙂

So, I appreciate your book sir.  Thank you for writing it.





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