Thanksgiving…my internal chuckle day

The day that I never look forward to (same as Christmas), but it always ends up being entertaining…to say the least.


This year should be a doozie.


I quit my uncle’s office…where I worked with my aunt (who I called out on shit talking)…and they will both be there.

My other aunt and her family…neither of my aunts get along…in fact, they sorta hate each other…

a cup of nana

a gallon my parents and sisters and cousins and we’ve got ourselves a party!


Everyone with an opinion and something to tell you to do (I hate hate hate that shit.  It is so much more stressful to hang out with them because of this.) Holidays would be best done stress-free…not stress-filled to the max.


So, I climbed out of my window to toke in peace and quite free from judgie mc judgersons and my dad decides to start unloading the car at this point…so, I hop over the backyard fence like an agile criminal just so I was free to be me on Thanksgiving in the U.S. of A.

Maybe now, I can confront these people I call family and enjoy myself without giving a fuck if my aunt starts a brawl or a words match or if my uncle starts up his passive aggressive loveliness….or if my nana, who I love, asks me the same question 100 times…

Being Higher than it all, taking the High road, and just letting it all unfold is really just in my best interest at this point.



Okay, I gotta go…let the madness commence.

I am leaving for some volunteering at a Thanksgiving meal for whoever needs/wants one…it is with the 420 folks I attend meetings with.

Funny, the people my family judge for tokin’ up are out donating their time, energy, food and/or money to the community.  “Lazy, Slow, Bad, Taker, drug addict, menace to society, blah blah blah…”: How can you call stoners all these things when they accomplish so much? Help others? Come up with great ideas and forms of art and most of the books we read…?

Whatever. It doesn’t matter.  Let them judge me.  Only makes me stronger in who I am and what I stand for.  Sharpening my blade of experience on the accusations and judgmental looks of those around me. muahahaha lol just playin’ 😉


happy gobble day.



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