Inspiration/response to: Garage Sale of the Future by clotildajamcracker

Garage Sale of the Future (11/26/12)
a daily blog post by clotildajamcracker

Dude. You hit my holiday/b-day experience right on the head.

I spent my too-long weekend absorbing the disappointed looks of my family, pretending like i have hearing problems when they wanted to get into the “family drama” with me, all while keeping my cool as a couple of them proceed to tell me what I am doing on my b-day:
which was clean up my narcissistic uncle’s stuff in one of our unnecessarily-necessary storage units for my grandmother who is too scared to sneeze in his direction for fear he will stop helping her survive.

THEN, off to get a gift I don’t really need because my mom HAS to wrap my birthday gift {…explain that to me…and somehow I am the weird one???}

THEN, off to the place I dislike more than disneyland: the indoor shopping mall experience. In my opinion those two places are good for one thing only: people watching…oh, and making up stories about them as they pass by…that is actually pretty fun…good writer’s block aid šŸ˜‰

AND the grand finale of a too-expensive dinner that I would have rather had the cash to afford food during the next few weeks and some gas to get to and from my jobs and volunteer work…

AGAIN, my family has decided that my birthday apparently belongs to them…a day to throw in my face how I have no money and how “gracious” they are with me with their money (yet they continually tell me how they have none…strange)… and it was commercialized without my consent…and apparently I am the asshole who “has to have things her way”

Twilight Zone doesn’t begin to explain the non-logic here.

So yeah, right-handed-feeble-fitzer holiday palooza…

Makes me sick when I think of how much a ridiculous $400 meal could have helped me in cash form.

But hey, apparently 27 is the new 12!!!

Way to go families who refuse to listen to a word we say!

How else would I be bogged down with so much stuff I honestly didn’t even know I owned anymore, let alone know even EXISTED still?

I don’t blame them for my financial situation. I am just pointing out some apparently socially acceptable “sane” behavior I find strange, destructive and frustrating.

Materialism is stressful man.

Gosh, I gotta smoke a bowl just thinking about that craziness.

Thanks for getting me to confront this and see it for what I think it might be: a misplaced materialistic value placed on b-day’s and holidays that are meant to show love and affection…but end up just financially and emotionally stressing everyone out in the process.

I will close with my ideal b-day experience (remember, IDEAL…not reality. There is no way this would happen in reality lol):

My mom comes into my room (seeing as how I am one of those 27 yr-olds living with family right now during these “transitional” times…who am I kidding: these times are hard as fuck lol anyhoo…back to my story) with hot tea and a smile. Sits on my bed, rubs my back for a few minutes in silence. Asks me what I want to do that day. Tells me she has a few ideas if I want to hear them, and isn’t upset if I don’t want to hear them (her gift).

She leaves to let me wake up on my own.

I go onto the backyard patio with my tea, say good morning to my dogs, stretch, turn on some music, and chat with my dad as I smoke a bowl (his gift).

Then my sisters come out and say they would love to take me to do something if I want to go.

They surprise me with a beautiful hike, just the three of us. We chat for hours about their lives and what amazing things they are doing and we discuss any issues they maybe having and we all try to figure them out together like sisters do…or…we walk in silence (either way: their gift).

When I get back, my nana gives me a hug and asks if we can tackle the garage this weekend. She asks me what I want to do for my b-day dinner. I say “let’s stay in and cook together”. She says “oh, sounds great! I love spending time with you and I can help you” (her gift).

Then as the day comes to a close, we all go out onto the patio, light up the fire and we all hang out and tell stories, tell each other things we love about each other and play music and invite family over…have a party!

The television was never turned on. A movie theater was never visited. Every meal was had in the home. A day of rest and positive non-judgmental communication is my ideal for a birthday.

$o- spent
Happiness quotient? Through the roof.

me…still kickin’


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