“How do you want
to come out of this experience-
how do you want to be changed because of it?”
-Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach
I want to come out of this life experience stronger internally and externally.

I want to emerge with a potent and calming energy that elicits understanding, inspiration and peaceful vibes in others.

I want to humbly evolve from my experiences (mistakes and successes) with the ability to pave some-sort of a path for those who will inevitably follow in some form or fashion (at least be able to smooth out a few bumps in the road for my reluctant eventual followers).

I want to be birthed out of my trials in growth with an umbilical cord of love and compassionate understanding.

How do I want to be changed?

Not sure really…I guess I will just detach from that thought…I will be changed how I will be changed when I will be changed.

I cannot tell you when, how, why, what, where and all that…but I can assure you, change is inevitable.

Whatever I come up with for myself as a “future-changed me” wont compare to what the Universe/God (whatever you want to call it) comes up with.

What is that saying again…?
Prepare for the worst and pray for the best????




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