I may cause a little controversy among my fellow female members, however, it is a random thought I had and I want to know your opinion on this:

I wonder if, the reason we are having the troubles in the world right now are a mixture of men not giving control of funds to the women, and women not controlling themselves with the funds. Where is the balance? Some people have found it.

But it is like a double edge sword if you haven’t.

Neither side wants to trust the other.

Another reason it is important to get to know each other first…? Maybe.
Guess that depends on me and the other person…whom ever that may be.


I think I need to explain this further:

Masculine energy people are good at making money.
Feminine energy people are good at spending money.
If a masculine person in a relationship goes to work, makes money and brings that labor home in the form of money or useful barter…
And if the Feminine person in a relationship stays at home base and makes sure the family is being fed, clothed, cleaned, educated, tutored, entertained, etc…organizes having the house cleaned (her or another), organizes food preparation, goes to community meetings, volunteers, does her hobby, may have a second job as well, etc….

Trust would be required. Who is to say he (or she) is at work all day while he is gone and he does what he says he does and he earns what he says he does….?

Who is to say she (or he) is at home, or doing what she says she is doing, spending money on what she says she is and being faithful and hardworking toward the betterment of the relationship as well?

Brutal Balance if you ask me…

No wonder so many men and women become monks, nuns, etc.

Almost seems like an easier way with regards to that dynamic…cause that dynamic just doesn’t exist to them.

kinda crazy thought.

okay, enough…I gotta go.


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