True to my sign ;D

11/22 – 12/21
Daily Overview
Daily Extended
Today November 30, 2012

Daily Overview
Even if nothing at all is happening today (unlikely, but possible), you just don’t find yourself bored. Your active mind dreams up all sorts of things to keep it occupied, and the day just races by!
I like to look at these things…they are fun. Good stats project (see how many days it is accurate for you).

I was in line with this one today for sure. Not because of anything other than the fact that I have been a very hard worker recently.

Today, I got up:
Wrote for an hour or two
worked for a bit
volunteered for an hour or so
went to a nursery and a hydro store to check out soil availability and quality
Got some starter blocks, pH pen, some root stimulator, a tray, some distilled water (to water and reduce the pH of the the starter blocks), some seeds for different winter veggies and herbs

learned from first place about replacement products for things I normally use, as far as growing things from seed and learned about what size bed I will need and aprox how much soil (I figure, the guy says 1ft deep min. so if I build the garden bed about 2ft up I should be good. maybe 7ft(length)x4ft(width)x2ft(depth)=56 so I figure 56 cubic ft of soil or compost or whatever I end up deciding on) or I could do about 1.5 in depth worth of soil…

Went home, did more work
chased my dog down the street…long story
rolled my first smoke-able doobie…love those orange zig’s
ummm…talked to my sister for a bit,
set up the stuff
started cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen.
Sent off important e-mails and received an important e-mail for work…
wrote another blog (maybe two…we will see)
going to a party, then coming home to study for a class I am going to start taking on monday..


Tutoring and working and playing a little 😉


Sleeping in probably.


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