Why “-me”

I have sorta said this before, but the reason why I say “-me” and not my name, is because who I am is not what this is about. It is about what I am saying.

Judge me on my words.

Yes, I give you some basics, like: age, several cultures and religious beliefs that make up who I am and what it means to be an American to me.

But I honestly don’t believe that sexual orientation, name, physical appearance, creed, etc. matters…my words matter.

Just like your words matter.

Our words matter.

So judge me for my words…like you want to be judged for yours fellow people out there who have to live on this crazy planet with me.

If I have to suffer through this shit, you are at least going to practice the golden rule with me. Fuckers.

Okay, time to go volunteer for a bit, work for a bit and play for a bit.


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