Taking a lover

I know everyone has their own take on this…some don’t agree with taking a lover at all…

Some feel like taking a lover when you are single and not committed is acceptable.

and there are some that think taking a lover is always a good idea…

I am more moderation on this one:
While in a committed relationship, taking a lover is not favorable.
While single, taking a lover to take the edge off loneliness is not a horrible thing…
It is better than withholding for a long time and then making a rash decision just because I was feeling like some company…

What is taking a lover?
I guess, finding one person to play with that I trust, that isn’t necessarily “the one” but I have good chemistry with…

At least until the relationship lines have been drawn with someone that could potentially be something worth further investigation…So, once a solid contender wrangles me in, no more lover.

Let’s see how I feel. If I find the “rose-colored goggles” slipping over my eyes, I will stop and go back to nothing again for a while.

I might fail epically at this…I have been known to fall in love with the “wrong sort” …but on the same token, if I don’t get this pent up sexual energy out…well, it wont end well. I will end up dating a dude that is 50 shades of “hell no! WTF was I thinking!!!”



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