Had an Awesome day yesterday ;)

Found my new botanist friend and hydro store friend…And then I found my friend from a modeling thing I did…her and her hubby own a cool spot where I do business now 🙂

I didn’t even know it was her spot.

People tell me cool shit they have going all the time but there are only so many dollars in my pocket and hours in my day, So I forgot she did what she did and I forgot where it was. So it was by happenstance that I bumped into her. Really glad I did though because I just found a new gal pal 🙂

And my other gal pal I hung with and went dancing with on sat night had a total blast! We danced our faces off and got the party started. I don’t really know what I am doing, I just kinda wiggle and have a good time hahaha

Now that I think about it, saturday was awesome busy too…
I went tutoring for a couple hours, went to another hydro store to pick up a few basics to get my veggie seeds started…went to a “farmers’ market” for my people (take that how you will)…flow support to the community.


Back home, start hydrating my little cubes to bring their pH level down with some clean and distilled water.

Took a nap.

cooked some soup and brownies. For the brownie mix, I added coconut milk and coconut oil instead of water and vegetable oil…turned out pretty good actually. I want to make them from scratch when I have more money to get the ingredients.

then…..threw on some clothes…and jumped in the car to the club. S and I danced our faces off for hours, got the party started, ran into a good bouncer friend of mine (he is a very large gentleman named tiny…I enjoy the irony), S got hit on by some super cute Israeli and his spanish friend who looked like absolute trouble/good-time was looking at me all the right ways (I avoided eye contact…trouble, absolute trouble…lol…no good could come from that sexy Latin man making eye contact with me haha) walked around downtown snott’s dale and then went home.

I am really not looking to meet any more men. I have my hand’s full with the one’s I have in my life…and I don’t even bother with most of them these days either. Need a break from love interests. All they are is a good distraction for the moment. When they aren’t anymore, I am sure I will run into someone awesome 🙂 and if not, I just stay productive!!! It is sorta a win win situation at this point. Okay, Gotta get ready for class now for sure…

adios amigos


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