My beef with the Native American Laws on MJ

I have a beef…

With the Native American Laws on Mary Jane.


I bet y’all are gettin’ pressured by the good ol’ boys of our Union…

but it is YOUR LAND!!!!

Your police department pulls people over (not recognizing the medi cards of the state) puts people in jail, takes property…
you are no better than the white man you talk shit about. I say that with the utmost love in my heart (I have some Native blood… apparently that gives me the right to say this shit…also, being an american gives me that right too).

If anything, you might wanna check out going after drunk drivers and meth-heads (seeing as how a number of community members have been dying from these two substances at alarming rates)…unless somehow that has drastically changed over the last year or two and people are somehow dying at the mellow arms of pot induced…well, I am not really sure how one could die from smoking pot, unless ignorance was involved…but you don’t need pot to be ignorant…lol.

Maybe go green, self-sustain, and tell the white man to go fuck themselves altogether…
but don’t sell out that hard core to the point where you are fucking with people possessing something from mother nature herself (same as with peyote and mushrooms…and not as uncomfortable to use for most people)…book after native-written book talks about the love and respect of mother nature.

Has greed fucked up our social conscience that bad? or am I just imagining things here?


Civil Disobedience and Freedom of Speech are built into this crazy Constitution for a fuckin reason people. Appreciate the sanctity of your rights (if/when you have them).


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