Dear Mr. Obama,

I appreciate you leading our country during these hard times.

I am not a democrat. I am not a republican.

I am a Libertarian.

But I can only imagine what it must feel like to lead about 300 million people and growing…Dealing with countries with way too many bodies per sq ft who can’t seem to fucking grow up and get along…you are dealing with American “Patriots” who just want you to pass bullshit props and laws to further their greedy behavior, you are probably dealing with a lot of reg. John and Jane Redbird/Smith/Johnson/Gomez/Chong/Kapoor, etc. who all have separate grievances and projects they are trying to get you to support, I could go on and on but I am sure you don’t want to be reminded of everything.

Flip side, there are a shit ton of perks you get.

We, the people, help pay taxes so that you, our President, Can do a valuable and much respected job.

With that job, comes responsibility. (Much Respect=Much Responsibility)

One of those responsibilities, that I was taught in school (before the school systems started removing that information from the curriculum) was that it was your job to be compassionate, able to understand us (the people) and act positively and productively in our favor.

Since it can’t hurt to bring it up and ask, and since you will probably never read this shit anyway, I am just going to go there:

You want to force everyone to pay for health insurance.

I disagree sir. Respectfully and appreciatively I disagree.

We, the people, have the right to refuse health care.

I do not want to pay for the health “MONSTER” we call the “Health Care” system.

I do not want to pay for the insurance and medical professions to have the right to charge ridiculous prices for something we are forced to have. That is wrong. That is the beginnings of enslaving our great nation of free peoples. I am not down with that dude.

And if someone is pressuring you to endorse that shit, I am not cool with that either. That person is a selfish sociopath and I will not support their business, or their government position with my tax dollars. I have the right to request that. I am an american, I am one of the people, and we the people have the right to reject and request representation for where our tax money is spent.

I know there is this general consensus that the majority of us people are a bunch of idiots…and I may smoke pot, talk shit and curse sometimes however, that does not make me an idiot.

When I am given the actual facts, I am pretty good at being objective and forgiving for the most part.

So yeah, that is it for now. I am not happy about your lack of cajones when it comes to enslaving your people…or endorsing it…whatever.

You got your second term, now start doing that “change” you speak of.

Help the women and the children of your great nation of every race and creed…(because the men of your great nation are having issues with taking responsibility these days…there are about 20% who do not fall in this category, but from what I have been seeing, there are a lot of men who cannot afford to take care of their families).

Adding forced health insurance to the bill that we cannot pay already is just adding salt to the wound.

I highly recommend changing the way this country is conducting its business.

I suggest, lowering the taxes for a bit, just to help people get a footing.
I suggest:
*reducing the paperwork by cutting the IRS all together. These people are perfectly capable of finding other work. You are not asking Farmers to quit farming, you are asking financial paper pushers to find another desk job, or go to school and learn a skill/trade. (change isn’t easy.)
*cut income tax altogether, and increase the import tax, that is what it is there for.
*With that excess money (we are in the red anyway, so now is to make the changes) I would put it toward the education of your nation…less money for the school boards, more money for the teachers. If you are educating your nation, you are strengthening its chances of survival. Add gardening classes, add hours to the day (8:30-5pm) add exercise and music and art back in…check out Delphi Academy of LA’s Check sheet model and see about implementing the study technology (because it would free up the instructor to help the kids more one on one when they need it the most, they aren’t grading and giving tests, they have a more interesting workload because each student is on a different subject and at different places on those check sheets…the students are happier because they are learning all the time, never in a position to get bored…and when they are bored they have the tools to solve the problem…etc.)

That is enough for today sir, I have to go to class.

Thank you for taking one for our team.


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