I have been dwelling on all the shit I do wrong…

maybe I need to check out what I do right on occasion as well.

I believe in freedoms in America, so I practice civil disobedience by smoking where people are allowed to smoke cig’s. I think that is more than fair…I am willing to put up with nasty cig smoke to enjoy my freedom to smoke my medicine.

I mention all of this because, by practicing civil disobedience, causing a “ruckus” about the mari-ja-wana smoke coming from the cig crowd, mention of police, and me saying “I am a card holder. I take responsibility for the whole thing.” I was also setting an example. A peaceful, within my rights as an American Citizen and a Birth Right of this zonie state, hardworking, example…for everyone around me.

I did a good thing today.

One guy asked me, “is it really worth it”
and I said, “yah, it is. I am the only person that has to wake up to myself every morning. I gotta stand up for what I believe in. I am a bit of an idealist. what can I say”

He said he was an idealist too. A cynical one. (lol)

I don’t think he really agrees with me and my decision…he likes me, he just doesn’t get it.

I am okay with that. I think this is why I am going to be single for awhile.

No one said this was easy. The opposition to allowing me to self-medicate is silliness, but it is there and needs to be addressed.

How do I best “flex” that right? By testing the right that has been given (freedom to self medicate)…a minor right to test…but a right just the same.

i dunno…maybe I am wrong in the eyes of another…but personally, I am the only person who has to wake up to myself every morning…and if I have to live with myself, I have to stand up for what I believe in. I can’t be a chicken shit.

Kinda scary. Scarier not to though.


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