Playing in the dirt ;)

I have been growing veggies…

Yes, actual veggies.

It isn’t code for anything, at least not right now anyways…lol

I tried to sprout 5 jane seeds, but they didn’t make it…those seeds had been through hell…I have had them stored away for years. I didn’t think they were going to come up…and I was right. ;/ next time.

Anywayz, back to what I was saying:

I started a couple of each type (bok choy, two types of kale, lettuce, radishes, beets, 2 types of onions, purple carrots, etc) in cubes…I reduced the pH of them by soaking them in distilled water for a day or two, then I planted the seeds and put some root stimulator on top.

They all started sprouting pretty quick except the peppers.

I just transplanted them in sunshine mix 4 and 12 cent bags after rolling the cubes in beneficial bacteria….
Poured some black-strap molasses dilution (distilled water) on them (bacteria likes sugar)

Just trying to get the roots excited about their new environment.

now they are all sitting outside on the patio…

It is getting a little chilly at night…I might need to create a greenhouse for them….might work on that tomorrow. Think one 1k will do nicely in there…I got a couple timers…might as well put those bad boys to work.

Okay, gotta go tutor and work and stuff.

Write more later…maybe.



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