The Give-Fest

So, the give-fest free-market was on Saturday.

It went the way it went 😉

You can never really predict these sorts of things.

What will people do? when people are presented an opportunity to give and receive as little or as much as they wanted to, what will they do?

Instead of examining posibilities, I would rather cut to the chase and go straight to what DID happen…last Saturday.

I brought stuff, my grandmother brought stuff, and a few other people came and brought stuff, one woman brought a whole bunch of clothes.

As more people showed up, they looked through the stuff and me and a couple of the kids there explained what we were attempting to accomplish.

Some people, you had to explain it a couple different ways to them.
I think it is because, at first you just think: “what? free? but I didn’t bring anything.”
and then, someone has to explain that you didn’t have to bring something to take something.

One gentleman I spoke with, he was looking a couple of the printers, he didn’t know which one, I said “take both. you don’t know which one works best and which one you will be able to find cords for, so take both. Which ever one doesn’t work, give it away or bring it to the next free-market, or sell it. whatever you want.”

It was interesting watching him go through these emotions: first, feeling badly for not bringing stuff…(which I assured him, was not part of the exercise)then feeling like he could not take two…then realizing that it was okay and whose to say those printers are not there for him to pass on to someone he knows…

It was nice to experience that with him. Be his “free-market guide” like my gal pal E was for me.
It was cool to explain to these new friends of mine, that I was doing this based on a model I went to in S.D. and that I was trying to take it a step further by associating this as a “Golden Rule” practical for adults and children to participate in together.

Faith, if you believe in that sorta thing, is experienced at a thing like a give-fest…

okay…enough for now.



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