Looking like the fool…

Isn’t always that foolish.

Sometimes, it is just enough of an attention grabber to cause a ripple of energy in a direction that leads to a much needed solution.

example: acting a fool and getting riled up about an injustice (regardless of any involved parties perceptions about the validity and truthfulness of the issue) draws attention to that situation/person or place…good or bad…it draws attention.

Now, I acted a foo’ last night. I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and I didn’t go too overboard with it all…infact, I said less than I could have…

did it have the desired effect? Not sure…i did draw attention to an issue…

solution? Maybe…maybe by me acting a foo’…by letting the ‘cat’ outta the ‘bag’ I brought us all a form of closure to some extent…or maybe…maybe it didn’t mean a damn thing to anyone but me…

I am okay with that too though. 🙂

I am happy to start the beginning of our ‘new world’ (after 12.21.12…end of the world date) a little braver and a little stronger.

Not all lessons are pretty or comfortable…sometimes…they require me to straight up act a foo’



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