Happy New Year.

Happy new year everyone.


Welcome 2013.


I am ready for what is headed my way…I guess.


Not sure what is in store…saving money for India.  Actively going out and searching for a job…talking with friends about starting a business.


Doing what I gotta do.



Doing what I want to do.

Growing veggies…still writing…more so on paper these days, but yeah, still writing and conceptualizing.

Making some cut-off mittens for a friend of mine.


My glass piece broke (on new year’s eve at the first party I stopped by).

Smoking doobies.  Been forced to learn how to roll smokable doobies…I feel good about it now.  I didn’t roll well at all about a week ago, but I feel good about rolling a good smokable doobie now.


I got nothin’, and I am happy…kinda crazy…I would normally be stressed the fuck out…but…not so much any more.

I just don’t really give a shit. 😀


I figure, I live as honestly as I can.  I don’t over share unless I am making a point or unless someone didn’t specify whether or not I could share.  I wake up everyday and participate in this stupid society because that is all we have figured out so far.  I make an effort to improve things around me.  I share what I have when I have it (regardless of whether or not it has been financially sound…which, it probably hasn’t…but I don’t care).  I volunteer my time and my energy to different things.


What else do you want from me world????

That was a rhetorical question.



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