you know you are being raw and real when you can’t even re-read something you write.  I just reread something I wrote a few days ago and I feel really good right now, but I wont be reading that again for awhile so I apologize for not fixing any typos in that one.


I am glad all that with dude is finished.


I am glad I am single and not playing those emotionally and physically draining back-n-forth b.s. games.  I am slow, but I eventually get there…and I am gradually dating guys that are less asshole-ish…and slightly more emotionally available…baby steps…don’t rush me. 😉


Pat Allen and Coach Constance are totally right…had to play that out till the bitter end.  He grosses me out now.  What an ass.


I bless him away from me.



gonna listen to some wale, Little dragon and then pass the f out kids.



Start your year out positively…whatever that means for you.

I started it out wounded and a blank canvas.

I may possibly wound another…like that 80’s song “love is a battle field”…sorta true…full contact sport…take no prisoners.



I always appreciate my battle scares.  Gives me something to think about and occasionally discuss.



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