Church is a Masquerade

“…It felt like a Christian masquerade, where the attendees masked their real faces with holy ones and acted poshly proper. I felt like if I had invited an atheist to come with me, he’d have punched me straight in the throat for wasting his time….”

via Church is a Masquerade.



The whole article is worth a read…

He made some valid points actually…


I especially like Jan’s colorful narrative of what would happen if he invited his atheist friend…

I am not an atheist…but I would probably still want to punch someone in the neck for wasting an hour of my day off.

I probably would not feel like church was such a colossal waste of energy and time if maybe the hour was spent doing something more practical, like, I dunno…Helping people…maybe…actually practicing the “word”; practicing what is being preached about (literally) and then maybe doing a 15 minute discussion on what happened…how people felt and did, what was learned…what fears and issues where tackled/overcome as part of the activity…


I mean, sitting in a chair or on the floor of any religious building filled with parishioners/members that want to get dressed up, talk about being good people and doing good in the world….yet the golden rule (which is in practically every culture, philosophy and religion) is hardly being practiced and really actively taught in any of these types of buildings that I have seen…and I have been to a lot of churches, temples, etc.

It seems to me, the concern is on $ (money).

Oh, and being good to other members of whatever religious group you are a part of.  I learned that in church too: give your business to other people of your same religious order and discriminate against any and all other religious/spiritual/philosophical beliefs.  Even if Evangelical Bob the builder is a total and utter fuck-tard, let us give our business to him, instead of Noah or Mohammed,  or Thait, etc. who might possibly BE better human beings and more likely to treat you as you want to be treated.


It is totally cool, I mean hypocrites have to eat too…right?


I mean, I am sometimes a hypocrite, and I still need to eat…







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