My rant of a response to an unacceptable course of action

Nurses Fired for Refusing Flu Shot

By SYDNEY LUPKIN | ABC News – 23 hrs ago–abc-news-health.html


Nurses Fired for Refusing Flu Shot (ABC News)


(Please check out this article for context)



Comment I Posted to this yahoo article:


So much for land of the free.
The Hospital should be sued.
Forcing vaccinations on people…what is next? Mandatory abortions for couples with an IQ of 100 or below?

I had the flu shot given to me years ago. I went into anaphylactic shock (and no, I am not allergic to eggs…as the egotistical doctor-who couldn’t even tell me what exactly was in the shot given-so condescendingly accused me of being) and almost died.

Are you telling me that I HAVE to have the flu shot if I want to work in a hospital? I HAVE to risk personal death/injury so that the people who manifested this god-awful flu-shot can continue to make billions of dollars?

Are you telling me, after thousands and thousands of years of humans living and breathing and breeding without this all-important flu-shot…today, it is now somehow so necessary? So necessary, in fact, that in our FREE COUNTRY a woman will lose her vocation of almost 22 years because she exercises her right to refuse a socially acceptable form of bodily poison and contamination…? I mean, technically, giving someone the flu shot is giving them reduced doses of the flu we are all trying to avoid…I have the right to say NO!

and FYI, there are over 7 billion people on this planet…we could use a little flu-population management.

If someone does not have the immune system to handle the flu, does not eat healthy, does not exercise and honestly can’t make it through having a flu…well…I was taught in school the term for that: Darwinism.

Natural selection.

Respect Mother Nature…

Death is part of life people.

Trying to control what another person does with their body is NOT OKAY.

–a fellow pissed-off patriot (Pardon my editing…or lack-there-of)


3 thoughts on “My rant of a response to an unacceptable course of action”

    1. I am not 100% sure what page you had to refresh…was it the yahoo article I posted a link too? Or my actual blog site?

      Either way, I am computer retarded so I wouldn’t be able to help you regardless. Mainly, I am just curious. Glad you found it worth the wait ;D


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