“Jodhaa Akbar”

Being sick in bed has perks:

Watching Foreign films on Netflix.


Started with “Saving Private Juan”…which was actually pretty hilarious.

Next, Arn: the Night Templar…Tear jerker for us girls.



I saw a master piece film.


“Jodhaa Akbar”


Long as hell…even has an “intermission”


Hands down…possibly my new favorite.


When you are about 1:11 left remaining in the film…that is my favorite part  😉

The whole movie is amazing.  I am going to have to watch that again.


I never buy movies these days…and I rarely buy stuff off the internet…but I might have to hunt that movie down an own that.






And the lead actor?


OMG. Smokin hott.  I was constantly rewinding parts because of things he said or did…stunning and ridiculously talented.





I love them both by the end of the first half of the film and by the ending I was almost distraught that I hadn’t ever heard this story before.




Jodhaa Akbar2008 NR 205 minutes

In 16th-century India, what begins as a strategic alliance between a Mughal emperor and a Hindu princess becomes a genuine opportunity for true love. More Info


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