A short and sweet about face

A short and sweet about face.


I just like learning new things like this….

Structure of face muscles…which way they run and how they connect.  Cool.


using a creative outlet to express the inner-mechanical beauty and similarities between humans…regardless of who you may be on the outside…


The individuals who have been shooting up schools to try and scare the Citizens of our Great American Nation into giving up their 2nd amendment right to bare arms…whether or not the person(s) plotting and carrying out said atrocities are acting on their own volition/accord or not…


to Mother Teresa, the Dali Lama and Bob Marley…




We can disagree with each other all we want…all day long…however,

at the end of the day…

What do I, a coward, an asshole, a saint and a king have in common?

We all have face muscles that we, ourselves alone, control (unless, like in the article quoted, there is a giant needle being inserted to reduce feeling and muscle control on purpose…)…along with our own actions and words…

Well, at least the option is there…





Control of self: Skin deep…?


The struggle to control others: ……?


What about just simply telling our muscles to pull up the corners of our equally destructive and constructive lips to form a little something I like to call a smile.


Wrinkles? maybe….

Worth it? always.


3 thoughts on “A short and sweet about face”

  1. Wow! I am very honored to be included in your wise words.


    Smiles are always worth the wrinkles! It’s the frowny ones we want to avoid. In dermatology, you can usually tell the happy old ladies from the stressed and angry ones just by looking at the wrinkles. Anger and happiness leave different paths on the face, just like in life.

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