meditating…well, I was.

I was meditating just now.  I had to stop.  I had to write you…my internet people.

I was laying face down on my purple yoga mat, knees tucked under my chest.  Forehead, nose, lips, lightly placed on mat as I stretched my arms out toward my symbols of peace and prosperity and incense…left palm up, right palm down.

My yoga practice is to focus first on inner light that expands out to encompass my immediate area, those around me, then outward further to the planet and the universe (I am currently imagining the universe shaped as an infinity symbol, like in that holographic universe book a friend loaned me…that I still have…woops. anyways, infinity symbol-shaped universe till someone gives me better, alternate info.).

I picture the energy going through my body, through the ground, then recycling through the rest of the universe through my body again, then ground, etc.  Like….a giant interconnect-energy-cleansing-meditative focus.

Just helps me focus, do I honestly believe I am cleansing the world and the universe of all negative energy?  Not really…

But it definitely helps me focus on something much bigger than myself.

Anyway, why I stopped:


Nothing is technically “good or bad”.  Things/people fit or they don’t fit…they work, or they don’t work.  Not saying that the person or situation or thing is bad wholly…

more so that something is just in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.  Like the energy I am attempting to cleanse for the universe all by my lonesome…I am more focused on moving the energy around and getting it on any path than I am in actually DESTROYING it or forcing it in any way.  There is NO DESTROYING…no forcing…just cleansing by way of movement through different mediums.  (a psychological process done with focused intention).

So, if we do a little deconstruction/taking-apart of what isn’t working for all those involved, do a little reconstructing with a person/place or thing that fits a little better…well, doesn’t that technically mean that both groups benefit?

and by both groups I mean: the pre-change group, and the post-change group.

I will probably give a good and basic example of this later…wanna think about it a little more…plus, I have a job interview thing right now…so, check back with ya’ll later.

Anyway, that is why I stopped meditating.

I think those concepts are important for me to remember later for some reason.



One thought on “meditating…well, I was.”

  1. I really want to get to the point I can meditate. I really really want to, but I don’t know if I can!

    I did start..awkwardly doing yoga. Luckily in my living room, far far away from anyone.

    But the meditation still escapes me.

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