A Letter to an Author

Dear Mr. Pressfield,

I am not sure I 100% agree with you on the “writing every day” if that is what my “thing” is…I write most days, like…sit down and write for the sake of writing.  I write notes and numbers and all sorts of stuff all the time…but actual sit down and write for the sake of writing…I feel more ritualistic about it.


I write most of the time…but not everyday.  When I do write tho, I thoroughly enjoy every second of it and the creative release  I get is unparalleled in feeling.




And I think I write quite a bit if I just recently found two giant tubs filled with my writings that I have kept over the years.  I want to eventually compile them all into some sort of coherent order.


I don’t feel bad about not writing everyday.  I feel good about writing in spurts.


Thank you for getting me to write everyday there for a while.  It got me back into writing and THAT I very much appreciate sir.


Good luck on whatever profound or just plain fun project you are working on these days.




(This is a letter addressed to Steven Pressfield who is the Author of “the WAR of ART”.  I have been putting some of the principles he talks about in his book to work in my everyday life.  A lot of it has been quite helpful in helping me get over myself and get productive and happy.  A close friend I respect recommended  it to me.  For some readers, it could appear as just another self-help kinda book.  For me, It was just the right combo of words to kick start some creativity and self-improvement.)


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