An either or…

Which is worse…being too pretty…or being too ugly…

There is an Italian movie that’s the perfect example for that first choice…and an American film I can think of right of the top of my head that is the perfect example of the second choice…

I dunno…either way…people wanna treat you real shitty or suck-up/pitty you….

I think the same could probably go for super smart or super not-very smart.

Being an outlier on the graph’s bell curve on either end is not pretty sometimes…

sometimes it is okay…but I could also seeing it totally sucking and being sorta a lonely existance…

Mainly because I am an outlier oddball myself and I get awkward sometimes. Or maybe other people feel similarly…not sure…i do not read minds…thank god. What a nightmare…to be able to read everyone’s minds all the time. yikesies.


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