2am can’t sleep

I am up.  It is almost one.

I had a day off and gardened, made bean dip and salsa and a smoothie for b-fast…

took a nap (which is why, now, i cannot for the life of me lay back down)

I counted all my change… separated the foreign money from the American money.

Text a couple people.

Thought about going through a couple of drawers or selling a couple things on ebay…or maybe reading…but alas…here I am…with you all on wordpress.


random encounter: New friend

Met an older gentleman at whole foods yesterday.  He was attracted to my book “Nourishing Traditions” by sally fallon that my friend was holding.  He said he was a vegetarian now, but that there were still some very useful recipes in this book.

I pointed out the Kombucha recipe.  He said he knew of a native american man who made it from scratch.  I told him I wanted to learn from that man.  He said so did he now that I mentioned it, and he would check on that for us.

He also might have found me some day labor work for some extra, under-the-table change for gas money.

I am interested in his idea of starting a school to teach others random things (mainly cause i selfishly want to learn random new things myself) and he said he could help me with my garden.

He introduced me to a free school in the city and I told him about doing that free-market give-fest thing.  He liked that.  he was super surprised that I was able to hold it at the church that I did. I told him it was a “golden rule practical”.  😉

We discussed a bunch of random shit.

I love meeting random people, random places when I least expect it.


okay…trying this sleep thing again…wish me luck friends.



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