What if…

What if all the women of the world went on strike until some things changed…like….the wars/fighting being brought down to a minimum…. the unnecessary-abusive behavior geared toward women and children ceasing and desisting…the pollution being taken down a few notches…maybe the slavery and starvation and clean water issues getting a bit better…


Or maybe just until the majority of our male population decides to stop treating the majority of our female population as if they are subordinate, less-than, or a burden…stop treating us female folk as if we are the only part of the problem…(takes two to tango kids)


maybe…until we (women of the world) go on strike and stop accepting poor behavior….we ARE the problem and that is why lots of men treat women as if we are here to be used or abused…because they want us to set personal boundaries and tell them no…and when, out of our own fears and misunderstandings or dependencies,  we let them get away with being little monsters and terrors (instead of responding only to gentlemen and masculine leaders and providers who cherish our feelings the way they want us to respect their thoughts) we are part of the problem.




Or, maybe ….it is something different entirely…



We may never know…


The men in charge of the nuclear bombs and bio-warfare and other nasty horrible weapons of mass destruction may fuck this planet up so badly that the human race, as a whole, end up totally fucked/annihilated before we ever get the chance to find out.





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