Ok…i think I understand generalities a bit better now

It’s not that I honestly think all women/men/etc. are “this way” or “that Way”…the generality is more about the group of those individuals mentioned taking some responsibility for their respective fellow group members…or maybe it is feeling like 80% of the population I come in contact with seem to be/do/act a particular way. Now, is it cause maybe I am possibly doing something to illicit said “way of being/doing/acting”…?

I guess the only true way to know whether or not that’s the case is fearlesshonest communication between parties….or just non- communiction if it is a bothersome issue where both parties are comfortable not changing or too scared to have a non-violent verbal confrontation that is based more on understanding….eh people. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em…i love you crazy assholes…you are the salt to my pepper  😉 

Random. And that’s all I got for you kid-o’s. Sweet dreams. Enjoy the bed bugs…or errr p.c. Version: ” try not to let the bed bugs bite.”


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