the twisty concept of karma

I have a question…sorta…and it requires a bit of a break-down in order to actually ask it…

So, the best way to explain this…where do I start…

I wonder if it will even work to explain it this way…

Here goes nothin’…….

When things are about to get really good and you get that precursor “shit happening” like tires flattening, breaks going out, a break up, a fight, etc.

Then you experience the really good thing (if your eyes are open and you chose to receive whatever gift that is being offered you at that time) and, at least for me, I notice I usually have this “ah ha!” type of moment…like “oh shit, all that crappy non-sense that has been happening, it is just helping me appreciate this gift or awesome moment or mind-blowing new perspective or amazing new relationship, etc.

So, here is my question tho. (though)

If this has something to do with the balance of energy then wouldn’t it be a safe argument:

If you take little and give to others from the heart greatly(take little, give much)…then wouldn’t that(good karma) have to bounce back and balance out in some form or fashion….?  For more than just the person giving….? especially for spiritually advance beings who probably refuse most  (if not all) of the individual/personal gifts they are probably offered from the universe (and other people) and usually end up passing those gifts on to others who will benefit greatly from those gifts (selfish selflessness)?  So essentially  passing on gifts to those who are in need most (not who bitch the loudest or whine the hardest or act ugly to get/receive….instead, for those who are humble and lack where others do not.  Or for those who are pushed into lifestyles they themselves despise but do because of the inability to keep up with the times and take care of themselves and their families at the pace/rate that we seem to feel is “socially accepted” and unfortunately demanded to a degree (peer pressure on a much larger and disastrous scale)…people who could use a leg up (i.e. all of us collectively in some form or fashion…whether that be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) or anyone really…maybe for no better reason than “it feels good and they appreciate the gesture”.

For instance…Mr. Dalai Lama…it is like, people like him not only accept less than their fair share, but they make the recipient of that “good karma” all inclusive…he includes all of us in the receiving of good vibes and blessings and even in the case of goods and services…he gives and receives with everyone in mind regardless of what we have done/not done for him. (a leader I can stand behind)

….safe argument?  Or totally gibberish?



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