One Love…and other randomness at 5 something in the morning

One Love: What it means to me

To me, One Love feels as though everything in my universe gets the same amount of “positive vibes/good energy/whatever the fuck you wanna call it” from my dog, to the scorpion that was in my house a while back, to my mother and siblings (estranged or not), romantic love interests, friends, plants, rocks, water falls, the color black, winter, rain forests, new thin point pens, my enemies, the atmosphere, the sun, etc. blah blah blah…you get the idea.

However, just because I love everyone/thing/etc. the same, doesn’t mean everything always gets the same amount of attention or the same TYPE of attention.  Some TYPES of ways to show affection are good for one, but not the other.  You are not going to sing to your brother while you transplant him in the greenhouse (like you would a tomato or a radish).  You are probably going to go to his little league baseball game or get him bugger gummies to snack on.  You are not going to fuck a rock…well, hopefully…you just never know these days with gosh that’s sorta funny…fuckin’ a rock…anyway (I am a dork…weird sense of humor case you haven’t guessed)…yeah, no fucking rocks…but probably would fuck your romantic love partner.

So yeah….One Love….or Love (everyone/thing/etc. as if we are collectively) One


I have been reading my blog over…and this thing is so random.  I go from talking about recipes and talking about my holiday experience to discussing my growth in life through experiencing love and participating in this crazy world.

I guess it all falls under being “uncomfortable2change”…it isn’t easy changing your eating habits (hence: the recipes), family requires making adjustments so everyone can get along (mostly) because…well, the world is hard enough as it is…makes life just a little more bearable (when people aren’t being douche bags and we are all getting along and actually helping each other…otherwise it is a fucking drag…and maybe the “uncomfortable” part is coming to the realization that some people are best left alone and out of my general vicinity for varying reasons), etc.

Not sure about fucking rocks  I think that is just pure rediculous entertainment…for myself and no one else.  So stop laughing. No really. (if my friend were here, she would be snorting with me on this one…don’t judge me. )


on to the next.

-my-me-oh my


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