I understand that we preach what we need to learn the most.  I know I do.  That is why I am talking about those things with people, because it is fresh in my head.

So, when a friend does that to me…I understand what it is there for:

To help her learn her own lesson.


she is trying to help me learn her lesson…so that I hopefully (cross my fingers) wont ever have to experience whatever it is that is being preached to me about.

So, when she says to me (on the very rare occassion): “Shut the fuck up and listen to this shit.  Don’t ask questions, don’t interrupt, just let me spew it out, then come back at me”

I know when she says that…I better shut the fuck up and listen.  Agreement aside, similar place or situation aside, I fucking listen.

It is just enough of a pattern interrupt to jolt me into focus.

I don’t really take offense to it.  She doesn’t abuse it. And she knows that when I do that/say that to her I request the same respect as an equal in this friendship.

That is why after all the shit life has thrown at us and our friendship…we are still talking and still planning to travel together.  If you can forgive and move forward and evolve…individually and as friends…pushing each other in a forward-upward direction…well…

Like my nana always says:

“people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime…”

Before our first bit of not speaking it was a reason.

Right now, our friendship is seasoned.


That is what time and patience is for: to wait and see 😉

Love you all, I have shit to do today.

I have not had any wheat products in two days.  I am making a conscious effort not to eat wheat.  It is a poison for my body and I don’t want to kill myself anymore/faster than the pollution and stress already are.


Made a smoothie while listening to Genuine for my breakfast. Here is the recipe:

Whey powder

ginger root (1inch or so)

Tumeric Root (about 1/2 inch or so)

Gobo [Burdock Root] (1/2 inch) …apparently good for cleaning intestines.


Frozen strawberries, blueberries

Yogurt (greek no added sugar or bulgarian)

coconut water (splash or so)

apple juice (splash or so)

almond milk (splash or so)

some liquid probiotics


Moved a bunch of my stronger baby veggies outside in the beautiful sunlight.  I moved the next healthiest to the windowsill and the weakest ones and the smallest ones I moved closer to the light (T5).

Now?  I am


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