“You are led

through your lifetime

by the inner learning creature,

the playful spiritual being that is your real self.

Don’t turn away from possible futures

before you’re certain you don’t have

anything to learn from them.

“You’re always free

to change your mind

and choose a different future,

or a different past.”

-Richard Bach’s “Messiah’s Handbook-reminders for the advanced soul”


Options are everywhere.  Having options was never the issue.

Options give way for choices to be made (therein lay any “issues”…results from choices made)…

I have made a lot of interesting choices in my life:  They have led me to some awesome and not-so-awesome places.

Right now?

My choices have led me back to service.

Do I have the opportunity to change that if I so choose?

Sure. Of course I do.  Could I decide to go back to the most resent job I was really enjoying and making great money at?

Probably.  I don’t see why not.  I don’t think I will right now though.  I am learning, sharing and serving.  Money? It will come if it comes.  Prestige? Don’t really care about that…opinions (which is where prestige is conceived) are like assholes…so, I don’t much care for/bother with that sorta shit.

Currently volunteering my time and energy to a non-profit right now that could use the help and really appreciates the extra pair of hands…a nonprofit that helps save babies from the fate of abandonment nationwide(USA) and into Canada …for right now.

85% of this org’s funding goes straight to the babies and the mother’s for prenatal care and other resources.  Only 15% stays “in house” for administration costs.

It might take me a little longer to save up to travel around the world now…but that is okay cause I feel good everyday I wake up and I know that money comes and goes…so it will eventually come, and then I will go on my trip 🙂

Who knows, maybe my trip will involve service of some sort.  Only (space and) time will tell 😉



One thought on “oPTIONS.”

  1. This is suzicue (from Sophia’s Voice). You can follow me at “Weight, State, Negotiate” if you like. Thank you for the like. I like your non-profit serving – that is amazing! I am starting a non-profit corporation to keep traditional music fiddle/folk education alive in our area, to keep kids interested and to help them meet goals. The older generation loves this music and wants to hear it, but the stories and interest in it is dying. I love celtic music, dance, and step-dance. Just started dance instruction (in my upper 40’s) but it’s never too late.
    Thanks for the kind comments.)

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