My non-existent love-life: A blessing

Taking a break from actively being receptive to all options for love.

Spending my time refocusing…again. lol


My “see-saw” love-life from my King of the River/Hero Ex

to: being celibate for about a year

to:  an old-passionate flame of unfinished business

to: the Indian Dr.

to: a man I thought coulda been and ended up not being (smoldering-ly hott Sport Manager with a huge heart and great mind…poor dude was burnt too many times in love just like myself so he was just as sketchy as I was…it came across as impersonal and selfish…oh well on that one :/  )

and then, a moment with a man whom I had great communication, chemistry and for the most part we were sooo compatible…but I just could not get myself okay with a future of S&M as the only way to get my lover off…lol

So now?

I go out with my gal pals.


See family.

If I run into my “Unicorn” Mr. Awesome Man I would be more than happy to explore the possibility of love and a future.


Right now though, I find that highly unlikely.


It is easier/less complicated if I am single when I travel around the world anyway.

Que Sera Sera (what will be, will be).



hopelessly romantic[ally cynical]


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