Plymouth Plantation [American Slavery: The Beginning]

Plymouth Plantation [American Slavery: The Beginning]

Instead of learning from those who have been on this land MUCH longer than the Pilgrims; the Pilgrims decided it would be a good idea to rape and piliage and enslave.

Yeay European Tradition!

Look at where it has brough us! On the verge of Death and Destruction as an entire society! Woohoo! Now that is what I call evolution and progress! Yeay lack of moderation and concern for all! Cheers to my fellow assholes who have contributed! We can all pat each other on the back for a job well done!

If I was full-blooded Native American…I would just be waiting till us American fools comletely self-implode and then sweep in, take over, and clean up this mess…

Only problem with that is…we [as a species on this planet collectively] are not just destroying one part of this planet and we are not just destroying the Natives and their resources…we like to be thoroughly sadistically/masocistally destructive and destroy the world [equal opportunity…no discrimination here! Progress!].

Have a happy Wednesday! 😀


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