fkn fones

I want to throw my mobile celular phone in the trash compactor…

you get a visual for the rest of what happens once the switch is flipped.  ;D heh.


I turned that shit off this weekend.


I didn’t even really want to turn it back on…I did though…damned responsibilities and social expectations and opd [other peoples’ drama]. 

I will get rid of this thing…it is just a matter of opportunity and possibility 😉 

The opportunity to get rid of it, and the possibility that I realize my self-punnishing “safety blanket” and opL [other peoples’ leash….for me] AKA my cellie, was never really a necessity to begin with…but a financial and social obligation I have allowed to be placed on me by a society that moves at a faster pace than I even prefer.


I may never allow myself the luxury of this personal freedom [living without a cell phone]…

but maybe I will ;P




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