Viewing someone flowing me love and attention as ‘pitty’ or ‘alterior-motive’ status…is mostly a mistake on my part.
knowingly & intentionally Flowing pitty or having alterior-motives has also mostly been a mistake on my part…i try to minimize on these to the best of my ability.

I forget to give each new person a clean slate sometimes…and it complicates things for me and the other person.

I would like to learn this lesson this lifetime [if I am lucky enough].

I also know there are fucked up people out there that I need to be alert around so I don’t allow too much negative shit to pass through my so-to-speak ‘front door’…

Difientiating between the two is not always easy…

I have been reading a lot about how to figure this out…some of the shit has been useful…mostly garbage…but some bits pretty good.

I am not perfect by any means…but learning as much as i can to get a little closer to perfect with regards to this topic..
let ‘us’ just say this and this alone:

I finally saw gaslight…the original not the remake [yet] &…
I am not playing that game anymore [go see the movie then reread this post if u need to gain some perspective on this].

So…bringin it back kids…
I want to accept & give love.
No pitty.
No manipulation
No alterior-motive status
however you take all this is fine. Goodnite all and as usual…forgive the spelling.
-;) me.


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