A loving reminder of love’s omnipresence

“He who perceives Me everywhere

and beholds everything in Me,

never loses sight of Me,

nor do I ever lose sight of him”


I sometimes get caught up in the life dramas that are playing out for myself or those closest to me and I forget to see the love in every crack and crevice.

I have recently come back from my travels and found myself feeling fear, worry and being upset about how a particular person treats three other very important people now in my life.

I was taking things so personally that I was questioning if I should even remain connected.

I started to read a few things by Paramahansa Yogananda…Living Fearlessly…being one of them.

In it, he constantly reminds his reader (me) that we are not our bodies, we are not our circumstances and that God (i.e. Love) is in everything and our lessons are good and we are spiritually protected when we remove fear from our hearts and souls.

I also read another book called “A return to Love” by a lady who references to A Course in Miracles…(can’t remember her name and too lazy to look it up at this second)…talking about how even the nastiest of people who may be in our lives for what seems like a life-time, are there for our personal growth and self-benefit…as well as theirs most likely I guess (it is all in how we perceive and handle ourselves in all our dealings with those types of individuals that makes it all worth while).

Finding Love/God in people who seem to pride themselves on being nasty, controlling and negative seems a bit of a daunting task…especially when they enjoy hurting those that I love.

I just have to keep reminding myself that this individual is a lost soul and needs love just like the rest of us out roamin’ this globe.

All I can do, as a third-party, is be there for those I care deeply for, work at loving a woman I prefer to …well, not love…and be there and do what is within my power to help…

I have to be patient.

Love….Peace…Understanding…Strength…acknowledgment….proactive evolution…moral/ethical advancement…the Golden Rule…

…and a bit of personal growing-up, self-control and self-change/reflection can’t hurt either.

Grant me Grace, Patience, love for everyone (even my perceived enemies) and a bit more of a tool belt to be able to understand/deal/cope/help without doing too much or too little.

Sorry for the rant…haven’t written in awhile and it all just came spewing out I guess.

Uncomfortable to Change.



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