The Only Man With Coffee…

The Only Man With Coffee...

The only man with coffee during a power outage 😉 Maintenance came for a mug…cuz you couldn’t even get it at the local convenience stores (outage covered a large portion of two towns).

Went camping for a bit with the man of my life…I was dead-set on us getting a lil’ gas operated one-burner so we could make our own coffee instead of spending all that dough (cash) at the local shops and restaurants (no open fires allowed in this particular spot). At first he didn’t know what I was talking about, then it was more about humoring me than anything else…and now?

Now he is thanking me! lol

After camping it went in the drawer in the kitchen and…

Power Outage Revamped Our (his) Appreciation and Need for our trusted one-burner.

This situation is teaching me that relationships aren’t about control and power and one person just listening and doing what the other partner wants with no reciprocation…

Relationships are about love, mutual respect and appreciation…and sometimes humoring your better-half even when it doesn’t quite make sense to you 😉

Peace Out and Power-Outages Kids!



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