I don’t have cable…anymore. I DO have access to Netflix though and I was an avid Dexter watcher.  Season 7 and 8 just became available on Netflix online and I sat down and binged on my (only) favorite psychopath.  Last night I saw the last episode (tear) and I was left with this allover feeling of “meh”.  Like, “really? He kills all those bad people, he is a pretty good dad and brother considering the circumstances, he appeared to be growing some sort of a conscious-if that was even possible, he finds the yin to his yang in a poisonous beauty and yet…he ends up a  logger?” I mean REALLY???

If I spoiled the end for you…sorry.  It was spoiled for me once I saw the darn thing.  The whole show…is over.  All my good friend Dexter-the only justice in TV land- has to show for it is a mountain man beard and a logging truck? SERIOUSLY????

His gorgeous fem fatale and his well adjusted son are living it up in South America with half a million and Dexter fakes his death to drive logs?  I mean, it is better than him actually being torn to bits in that Storm on his boat…better than ending up like his poor foul-mouthed sister (who ended up growing on me there toward the end) but still…What The Heck?

Okay.  I’m done spoiling it for the rest of you out there who may have not seen it yet…even though the series has been over [apparently] for a bit…

Now, back to the reading I was avoiding 🙂 

Oh the life a procrastinator with an over active mind…I got rid of cable…but now I am bordering on throwing a sheet over the TV and disconnecting the internet cable…too bad when you live with other people you can’t just do “rash” things like get rid of TV sets that aren’t necessarily your own. Grrr.

I have more ridiculous things to think about and more pressing matters to attend to…however, in this moment, I mourn Dexter and the life he could have lived and the future seasons I could have used as brain candy and life/work distraction. RIP Dexter and Deb Morgan.  



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