was I created as a puncher or a punching bag?


Who made that stupid choice up?

Why a puncher?

Why a punching bag?


Why can’t I choose something different?  I am continually told I have a choice and I can choose…yet I have been presented with less than satisfactory choices….and I am told that is my choice as well…okay…well…I choose to be a human being that lives on this planet and has equal access to amazing opportunities and tools as the next trillionare…and I choose to have all my basic needs covered and spend my time coming up with cool ways to make the world a better place to live and cool new ways to improve humanity and life for all living things on this ball of compressed material.


I chose…


So what now?  Make a few more useless choices that equate to a continued shitty state of affairs because in accuality it takes a fuck of a lot more than some half-ass attempt at making a ‘choice’ about something…it takes collaberation…it takes other people making choices…it takes…I honestly don’t know what it takes…I wish I had all the answers and I could save us all from our almost certain self-implosion…but all I can do is sit here at this cave man piece of technology and type about shit I know nothing about…like world peace, world happiness, world love…


I will live and die an idealistic pessamist.  What a tortured existence I have chosen for myself this lifetime.


Jessuusss….why couldn’t I just have been born on a beautiful beach with a pina colada in one hand and a guitar in the other…a musical beach bum existence.


Next time…if there is one…if this generation of fuck-ups doesn’t fuck it up before I get my shot at a life of leisure.


I’m so tired…I guess work will be there in the morning to attend whether I sleep or not…so sleep is probably the best…even if there is a chance of me waking up.  I’m so tired of waking up to a bull shit lie of a life.  People in work settings tend to suck monkey balls…Who came up with this shit?  Work till your too tired and broke to enjoy life…woohoo!!!!


ug. forget it. buenos noches mon a-m[i]e.


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