No Sleep

You know life is good when you get to a point where you don’t want to go to sleep becuase that means you are one step closer to waking up and going to a bullshit dead end job that doesn’t appreciate your existance let alone your contribution to their success and existance.


You know life is good when you look at your gross income for the year and then you look at your negative back account balance.


You know life is fantastic when you keep hoping you’ll win the lottery and every now and then you remember you are too poor to even play the fuckin’ lotto. haha.

You feel the beauty in living when articles about GMO health side effects and stories about people being shot and killed, raped and robbed while cancer and taxes seem to rise side by side at a complimentary rate.

And holding the acidic tears back while day dreaming about the future our children and our children’s children are having to face because our generation couldn’t get our shit together long enough to stand up for what was right and just and fair without all the added rediculous theatrics that just distract from real progress.

I know I can write whatever the fuck I want becasue none of it will make a fuckin’ difference.

Someone will judge me by my tone, my run onn bad grammar horrid spelling antics, my ‘potty mouth’, my rants, my lack of structure and continuity in thought…or whatever else.  So I can pretty much talk total shit and no one will notice.  I could go on and on about random conspiracy theories and I would get just about the same response rate as I will to posts like this one. I could write an essay on cheese and I would probably make my post more intersting and socially acceptable to the masses….but I have nothing to say about cheese…so I am not interesting and just talking shit.


I might as well fill the page with farm animal sounds.


And yet, here I sit…not wanting to go to sleep.

For fear of waking up.

-me. ug.


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