Jesus Loves Your History…a novella

I finished my first book.

Finally. 🙂

I looked at it so many times I had to pass it off to close friends and family to check it out with fresh eyes.


Initially, I wrote a super random manual…like a ‘how I would’ change the world sort of book.  I read it to my husband and I swore I could hear crickets sounding the alarm of confusion as he said ‘wow….what is it?’

So, I decided I would write a story from the first person about a character (Noah) who is given this book at an interesting time in his life. Deciding he has nothing to lose, Noah embarks on a personal adventure of uncomfortable changes.

He liked it…he liked it enough to contact Ferdia Mac Anna and sign me up for a writing course.  Ferdia listened to bits and pieces and said ‘maybe try and steer clear of first person…it will limit your characters and what your audience will be able to see’.

After the initial shock surrounding the idea that my whole book idea would change and it would require a bit of work…I buckled down and got to work.  By the end of the course I was on the track that would help me complete my first paper-back baby. I am currently in the final stages of getting this book prepared for Amazon and when the time comes I will open up for pre-sales where I will be offering a free gift for the first 1,000 pre-orders.

To all my readers over the years: thank you for your interest and your support.

There is more to come and I am excited to share it with you 🙂












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