The Life Adjustment

When I was a child I was told I could be anyone and do anything.

Now that I am older I know that is not the truth.  If the stars align and I am putting in a fuck of a lot of work and I am doing all the right things and even if I know all the right people it could all be wasted effort if I don’t have the money or the power to pull those last few strings to get the life I want for me and my loved ones.

As I get older and more beaten down into submission by our re-donk-u-lous world society I find myself more apathetic than angry and I don’t find the social structure funny anymore.

I have been known to go on rants on what I dislike about what I see going on in the world but I won’t do that now.

Unless I have ugly politician hair or billions in a bull-shit business account my voice counts for nada.

So I will sit back and enjoy the clown show where we all run around stressed out, sick, less-than-peaceful and/or un-happy.

I used to use love as my distraction drug…but my sex drive is not like it was so it is harder for me to be distracted by all that.

I used to use smoking pot as my distraction…now it is just a pain killer and helps to relieve period pains.

I don’t really like drama so that isn’t a good distraction.

And what I want for myself and my loved ones isn’t affordable at this moment…

I spend all my money paying debts…and when I think I have finally got my head out of the deep end of the debt pool some other ass hole comes up with a hand out saying I owe them for some good or service or tax I didn’t want to pay for in the fucking first place.

So much for no rant.



Anyhoo….Hope your holiday season is filled with peace, love, happiness and all those things that still cost money even though the general population say they don’t…

If the junkie on the side of the road is not happy, peaceful and filled with love toward their society; if the perceived ‘worst’ don’t have these basics…then the so-called ‘best’of our society don’t really have total peace, love and happiness either…’cause like it or not we are all connected.




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